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Canada Games Park strives to create inclusive and accessible environments in an effort to make every athlete, spectator, sponsor, or guest feel welcome. This includes making sure every persons of all abilities are given an equal opportunity to perform or watch others perform at their best, regardless of their physical ability.

The venue has held multiple outdoor track parasports and most recently a Parasport Ontario sledge hockey event.

Canada Games Park has factored in persons with disabilities by adding additional square footage per room, bathroom and transportation requirements.

The Canadian Tire Triangle gymnasium's permitter has been widened to ensure wheelchair athletes and spectators can easily enter and perform with ease.

In the men's, women's and family change rooms in both the Canadian Tire Triangle Gymnasium, Algoma Central and GFL Environmental arenas there is an accessible stall and shower.

Additionally, in the universal change rooms and family change rooms there is an adult sized changing table.

The venue also features an elevator which can be taken up to the second floor, to access the viewing area, offices, or the Haj-Ahmad Family Foundation Track.

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